yes i writtens ome emotical shit yesterday its the only Way to get me through this Nightmare!

It’s sad
That I wake up in the morning
And then get out of bed
There’s no point
If I’ve got nothing to do
It’s sad

It’s sad
That I’ve got a closet
Full of bones I’ll never show
Sad I went through what I did
I don’t wish it on anyone
But it happens
It’s sad

It’s sad
That I"d hurt myself
I turn emotions
Into cuts and bruises
I make myself bleed
And I suppose
It’s sad

It’s sad
That I hate myself
I know it’s sad because I cry
And that’s a sure sign that
Things aren’t as they should be
I’m sad…that I’m fucking sad
It’s sad

Is suicide really the way?
I live my life everyday..
In and out through depression
Its something my parents would question..
As the pain flows through my nerves
I watch as the blade carefully curves
Tiny red droplets of blood appear..
This cloth in my hand makes them dissapear..
Getting from the toilet, blade in my mouth..
I was done for the night, I was going to be quiet as a mouse..
Pulling it from my mouth; another streak of pain fills my gasp,
My tounge and teeth turn red.
For a moment there, I though I was dead..
Yeah - I wish, Instead a slice apon my bottom lip was made..
As dad yells at me I suck the blood..
Running to my room I slam the door shut..
Tears roll down my cheeks as I tighten the grip..
For a moment there I was really going to slit..
Instead I lay on my bed, and pick up my pen..
Begin writing what I call..
My Emotional Blabber..


its nothing special

just my thoughts!

25.12.06 14:16

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